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In keeping with our goal of providing our customers with the best possible value, we have tested a large group of components specifically designed for the HEMI Charger, Magnum, and 300C R/T and SRT-8.
We have invested many hours evaluating and refining each of the performance products on our HEMI Charger, Magnum, and 300C R/T and SRT-8, to ensure that we could develop as much power as possible, as safely as possible.
The SEARCH menu on the left side of this page, lists the clear winners when it comes to performance vs. dollar value. Please check back often as we are always developing new ways to improve performance with fuel economy.
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COMP CAMS XFI Camshafts Hemi-powered Late-Model Chrysler/Dodge Vehicles
Three different camshaft combinations for the Hemi 5.7L and 6.1L Net power increases up to 61 HP

- (pushrods, springs and reatiners are listed at the bottom of this page) -

Comp Cams Hemi Billet Roller Camshaft COMP Cams® New XFI (Xtreme Fuel Injection) camshafts for Hemi-powered Chrysler vehicles dramatically increase engine horsepower and torque, yet retain compatibility with reprogrammed OEM vehicle computer systems. Available in three different profiles (XFI 260, 268 and 273); the new camshafts are application-specific with designs for street performance and towing.

In recent dyno tests on a Hemi engine using COMP’s #26918 beehive valve springs and upgraded exhaust, the XFI 260 netted 20 additional ft pounds of torque in lower rpm ranges with a peak of 31 additional hp. The XE 268 camshaft added 14 ft lbs of torque at low rpm and 47 additional peak horsepower. The amazing COMP Cams® XFI 273 camshaft yielded it’s most significant horsepower increases over 4500 rpm generating 61 more horsepower than the stock Hemi 5.7-liter engine

Extreme Fuel Injection XFI Non-VVT (2005-2014)

Dur @ .050″ Lift Gross Lift LSA Application Part#/Price
in- 208°
ex- 212°
in- .522″
ex- .525″
    Comp Cams Hemi Camshaft
    - Stage I - Hydraulic Roller
  • Rpm Range: 1000 to 5500
  • For 5.7L & 6.1L Hemi Engines
  • Slight noticeable idle
  • Needs Programmer
  • Recommended Options: Push Rods and Valve Springs
CCA 112-500-11
in- 216°
ex- 220°
in- .528″
ex- .531″
    Comp Cams Hemi Camshaft
    - Stage II - Hydraulic Roller
  • Rpm Range: 1500 to 5800
  • For 5.7L & 6.1L Hemi Engines
  • Noticeable idle
  • Needs Programmer
  • Recommended Options: Push Rods and Valve Springs
CCA 112-501-11
in- 224°
ex- 228°
in- .547″
ex- .550″
    Comp Cams Hemi Camshaft
    - Stage III - Hydraulic Roller
  • Rpm Range: 2000 to 6200
  • For 5.7L & 6.1L Hemi Engines
  • Very Noticeable idle
  • Needs Programmer
  • Needs extended rev limit
  • Needs headers and high flow exhaust system
  • Recommended Options: Push Rods and Valve Springs
CCA 112-502-11
Automatic Transmission Kit
  • Set of 4 Non MDS Lifters with retainer
  • For Charger, 300C, and Magnum Hemi Engines with Auto Trans.
  • 2 Kits Required Minimum
  • 4 Kits Required For Engines With 75,000+ Miles
  • Required For HEMI Engine with Automatic Transmissions

COMP CAM Hi-Tech Pushrods
for the HEMI 5.7L and 6.1L V8

COMP Cams engineers have found that the pushrod is one of the most important members of the valve train and certainly the most taken for granted. Today’s engines demand the highest quality components at every step and COMP Cams Hi-Tech Pushrods fill that requirement.

Comp Cams High Tech Pushrods are constructed from seamless chromemoly tubing for the ultimate in strength. The ends are precision formed, yielding added thickness in the critical tip area for strength, while maintaining constant wall thickness and concentricity. They are then heat treated to insure compatibility with guide plates and for maximum strength. They are OD ground for consistency, and black oxide finished with a length and part number laser etched on the OD for ease of identification..
    COMP Cams High Tech Pushrods Feature

  • One-piece .080” wall seamless chromemoly
  • Heat-treated for extended durability
  • Precision formed & reinforced ends
  • Black oxide finished and laser etched
  • Ideal for street and race applications

CCA 7914-16

TECH Note: COMP Cams Hi-Tech Pushrods are manufactured to meet or exceed all original equipment specifications for pushrods.

for the HEMI 5.7L and 6.1L V8

When it comes to valve springs and titanium retainers, there is no better choice. COMP CAMS design engineers took the engines rpm capability, lightweight valve train, durability and other unique features, and designed the ultimate HEMI valve springs.

COMP CAMS BEEHIVE VALVE SPRINGS springs are made from a high tensile, super clean, chrome silicone material, the retainers are titanium, . In fact, the single beehive shaped spring uses the same manufacturing process for either their low-pressure street spring or their limited street and race spring. The springs are designed to work with cams up to 0.660" lift, and fit stock pockets without any machine work. These springs and retainers are a perfect compliment for the EXTREME Energy Camshafts.

Application Part#/Price
    COMP Cams Beehive Spring Kit
  • 16 Beehive valve springs.
  • Daily street use.
  • Seat Load: 125 @ 1.800
  • Open Load: 367 @ 1.150
  • O.D.: 1.075/1.310
  • coil bind: 1.100
  • No machine work required
CCA 26918-16

    COMP Cams Spring Shim Kit
  • Kit contains .015", .030" and .060" thick Valve Spring Shims
  • 1.250" outside diameter and .814" inside diameter
CCA 4753

    COMP Cams Titanium Retainers
  • Set of 16 Titanium Valve Spring Retainers
CCA 762-16

    COMP Cams Valve Spring Retainers
  • Set of 16 Steel Valve Spring Retainers
CCA 761-16

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