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MIL Eliminator 's / CEL Eliminator 's / O2 Sensor Simulators

Universal Works with 99% of Cars and Trucks (see below)

Have you taken your cats off and now your Check Engine Lights on. Here is that fix you've been looking for. If you're running an off-road H-pipe or X-pipe, Screw-in MIL eliminators will shut off the annoying Check engine light and improve performance. A MIL Eliminator (which is short for Malfunction Indicator Light) or CEL (check engine light) Will Limit Exhaust Gas to the rear O2 sensors when running an off road mid-pipe or some mid or x pipes with ultra high-flow cats. Also these Mil Eliminators / O2 simulators are adjustable to suit every need.

FYI : The installation is straight forward and simple. Just Screw the MIL eliminator in to the existing exhaust bung where the rear (O2) oxygen sensor normally attaches. Then Attach the (O2) oxygen sensor to the MIL Eliminator.
These are also Fully Adjustable if Needed.

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O2 Sensor Simulator / MIL Eliminator Features:

  • Stainless Steel construction withstands extreme temperatures and corrosion
  • No "Mini Cat" Inside that will quickly plug up and need replaced
  • Simple straight forward installation
  • No special tools required.
  • Eliminates the Check Engine Light from Off Road Cat Delete Applications
  • Heavy Duty Quality Design
  • Easy Screw-in design
  • Adjustable to Suit Every Need
  • Sold as Singles if you only need one
  • Designed for 1988-Current Vehicles
  • Not Legal for Sale or Use on Pollution Controlled Motor Vehicles.
  • FYI: These Eliminators will not work on RARE vehicles that use a NON-SCREW IN STYLE O2 sensor with a 2 bolt flange as seen on right in pic below

02 Sensor Types
    Part# WPR 963-111-1010
    Works With:
  • 1988-UP Cars and Trucks

MIl Eliminator


I bought your CEL eliminator 04/13/2013. I had called and asked if this product would work on my 2005 Scion tC. You said that it works 100% of the time (as long as there are no emissions codes before removing the converter & it is the screw in type) on American gas cars and trucks but couldn't be certain on a Scion. I just wanted to let you know that I did install this on my car and I haven't had the CEL light come on yet. I have put a little over 400 miles on it. I took the car to the local mechanic on 4/25/2013 and asked him to hook up his emissions scanner to the OBD II. He ran all the tests and said everything was set at ready and passed his test. Also as a side note, I have already noticed a huge difference in my fuel efficiency. I'm going to say it has improved at least by around 30%.I want to thank you for this product.

M. Henson Batavia,IL

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