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Relocate your battery to the trunk with an NHRA Legal Battery Relocation Kit by MOROSO, for more traction and better handling. MOROSO tested it on their 4-wheel digital scale and found that moving a 35 pound battery from the left front of the car to the right side of the trunk actually put 60 pounds on the right rear tire - where you need it most for traction. Better weight distribution also reduces "nose dive" during braking and improves handling response.

The Moroso battery box features an air-tight lid with a closed cell foam gasket, which prevents battery gasses from entering the vehicle. and features quick-release fasteners for easy battery access while exerting even pressure across the air tight lid. The Moroso battery box utilizes NHRA legal, 3/8 steel hold down rods, keeping the battery secure during severe racing conditions.

If you are looking for a safe and NHRA Legal Battery Relocation Kit for all performance applications, the Moroso Battery Relocation Kit is the answer.

moroso battery box
        Features & Benefits

  • Battery Box is completely sealed and externally vented.

  • Ideal for relocating a battery to the rear of any race, street, or show vehicle.

  • Holds a Series 24 battery with either top-post or side-post terminals.

  • Outside Dimensions: 10-1/2" deep, 13" wide, 9-1/2" tall.

  • Fully approved for racing by NHRA and IHRA.

  • Drilling required for battery cable and vent hose holes to allow custom fitting.

  • Kit includes
    1. Battery Box.
    2. Molded Lid.
    3. Small Plastic Grommets.
    4. Large Plastic Grommets.
    5. Zinc Plated Hold Downs.
    6. 3/8 Hex Nuts.
    7. 3/8" dia Hold Down Studs.
    8. Flat Washer.
    9. Vent Tubing.
    10. EPDM Lid Seal.
    11. Installation instructions.

Part # Description Price
  MOR 74051
    MOROSO (shown above)
  • NHRA Legal Sealed Battery Box
  • Cable Kit Sold Seperate
  MOR 74055
    MOROSO (shown on right)
  • NHRA Legal Battery Cable Kit
  MRG 6279
    MR GASKET (shown on right)
  • Trunk Mount Battery Box Kit
  • Includes Complete Cable Kit
  MRG 6278
    MR GASKET (shown on right)
  • Trunk Mount Battery Cable Kit

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MR. Gasket Battery Box Kit

MOROSO Cable Kit

Mr. Gasket Battery Relocation Kit Features:

  • Black Box

  • 2-Gauge Cables

  • Battery Terminals

  • Hold-Down Hardware

  • Gommets, Cable Clamps

MOROSO Battery Box Cable Kit Features:

  • 20 feet grade 2 gauge copper cable

  • 4 terminal ends, 6 Rubber-lined clamps

  • 8 feet with top-post terminals and 6 inch 12 gauge leads

  • Grommets and shrink sleeving

Battery Disconnect Switchs; Rotary w/Continuous Amps Rating:

All battery disconnect switch splices into the battery cable to provide a direct power shutoff of the electrical system. This cutoff is useful during battery charging or whenever the car is not in use. MANDATORY by NHRA in vehicles with battery in trunk.

  • Moroso/Mr.Gasket battery disconnect switchs are designed to be the best quality switches available. Perfect for engines with large starter draws, RVs, racecars with alternators, and more. Feature copper mounting studs, sealed shaft to keep out moisture and debris, an indexing pin alignment to prevent switch rotation, and a face plate. They fit panels up to 1/4 in. thick.
Part # Description Price
MOR 74101
  • NHRA Legal Battery Disconnect Switch
MRG 6276
  • NHRA Legal Battery Disconnect Switch

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