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Precision Industries Torque Converter
ALL 6.1L and 6.4L Dodge Challenger SRT-8

Everyone who knows torque converter, knows who makes the best torque converters. Just ask around and you will find that everyone has his or her favourite brand. But when it comes down to who actually does make the "BEST" torque converter, the answer is always the same, Precision Industries. We have used them for years, but like a lot of others have done while looking for a bargain, we switched to a cheaper brand, and tried to get the same results as with the Precision Industries torque converter. AGAIN we learned our lesson. The results were what we expected. You get what you pay for.

With the Precision Industries torque converter the power increase is amazing! You just can't get this kind of performance increase from any other single piece of speed equipment. Your Challenger is ALWAYS in its power band ALWAYS! With Precision Industries exclusive 3-Plate & Double-Plate converters you will never have to worry about transmission overheating or converter failure. The 3-Plate & Double-Plate converters are custom made for the HEMI Challengers exclusively.

Precision Industries Torque Converter increases performance by multiplying engine torque. The result is like getting free horsepower. Your Challenger will smoke the tires and plant you in the seat like never before! This Torque Converter will lower your 60 ft. time by .2 seconds, and the 1/4-mile time by .5 seconds. Again you just can't get this kind of performance increase from any other single piece of speed equipment. Order yours today, in stock available for same day shipping.

FYI: Performance Torque Converters will not affect normal street driving.
Normal driving is not affected by Performance Torque Converters up to approximately 3000 RPM, particularly with a good converter. A car will begin to roll normally when a higher stall speed converter is used. Quick acceleration will be favorably influenced by stall speed. A very high stall speed (above 3200 RPM) is not recommended for daily street use.

FYI: Precision's Double-Plate torque converter provide the best of both worlds, designed for performance street and track.. For high horsepower applications over 500 ft-lbs of torque, we suggest upgrading to the Precision 3-Plate torque converter. Compared to other converters on the market, Double-Plate Precision is extremely tight at light throttle driving. They utilize efficient, high-torque multiplication cores and stall speed increases of 400-600rpm or more depending upon HEMI aftermarket add-ons.
.50 in the 1/4 mile The 3-Plate & Double-Plate HEMI Torque Converter converter Features:
  • Exclusive trouble free multi-disc design.
  • One piece billet cover assures Anti-Ballooning balance.
  • Largest in class, truer clutch contact surface area.
  • Largest in class clutch contact area with special clutch lining.
  • Performance designed heat treated 4142 alloy turbine for strength and durability.
  • Performance designed heat treated 4130 alloy impeller hub for perfect fit and quality.
  • 50 state street legal and will not void factory warranty.
  • Full 2 year manufactures warranty.
Precision Industries 3-Plate
HEMI Torque Converter (Race)


Precision Industries Double-Plate
HEMI Torque Converter (Street & Strip)


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