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1999-2004 SVT LIGHTNING | 2002-2003 HARLEY DAVIDSON F-150 Supercharger Pulley Options


In keeping with our goal of providing our customers with the best possible value, we have tested a large group of Products and Parts Specifically designed for the 1999-2004 Ford SVT Lightning and 2002-2003 Ford Harley Davidson F-150 Truck.

We have invested hundreds of hours evaluating and refining each of the 5.4L engine and chassic products on a MD-600 Chassis DYNO, and at race tracks coast to coast to ensure that we would develop as much power as possible, and as safely as possible. End result is our now available "Dyno Tuned Options".

The site menu for the 1999-2004 SVT Lightning and 2002-2003 Harley Davidson F-150 Ford Truck on the left side of this page, lists the clear winners when it comes to “performance vs. dollar” value. Please check back often as we are always developing NEW Performance Package Upgrades while Researching Products and Parts to create more horsepower for your Ford F-150 Truck.

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metco motorsports

METCO™ Quick Change (QC) Inter-Changeable SuperCharger Pulley

One of the easiest ways to pump up the power of your supercharged F-150 Truck is to increase the factory boost level with the METCO™ Interchangable "QC" Pulley System.

The METCO™ Interchangeable QC Blower Pulley System for the Eaton supercharger. The factory Eaton blower pulley is pressed onto the shaft - which makes quick, trackside changes impossible. With the METCO™ Interchangeable QC Blower Pulley Kit you simply replace the factory blower pulley with a precisely machined hub and attach your choice of pulleys with the 4 Allen head set screws provided.

Running a larger pulley on the street saves fuel, while the 2.70" bumps the boost for a very noticeable performance gain. Consider the time you'll save by installing this system Best of all you dont pay the high price other manufactures are trying to charge for the same technology.

Lightning Harley Davidson Supercharger Pulley

    METCO™ "QC" BLOWER Pulley Kit Features:

  • CNC Machined 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum Pulley.
  • Billet 2.70 dia. produce up to 7 lbs. of additional boost with computer tuning

  • CNC Machined 4150 hardened STEEL Nitride Coated Hub Assembly

  • 4 Grade 8 Allen head bolts to secure the pulley of your choice
The METCO "QC" BLOWER Pulley Kit is the "must have replacement for all press-on aftermarket supercharger pulleys.

Installation time is around hour and will require a pulley puller/installation tool.


    METCO™ "QC" Single STREET/STRIP Pulley Kit
  • 2.70" dia. CNC Machined 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum Pulley Ring
    • Produce up to 3 lbs. of additional boost. No custom tuning required (LIGHTNING)
    • Produce up to 5 lbs. of additional boost requires computer tuning (HARLEY)
    • Produce up to 7 lbs. of additional boost requires computer tuning (COBRA)
    • CNC Machined 4150 hardened steel Nitride Coated Hub Assembly
    • Other Sizes:(Choose during checkout)
    • 2.80"
    • 2.90"

gates belts

lightning harley davidson belt

Gates Belts

RPM Outlet offers replacement belts. A quality replacement belt will help eliminate slippage, eliminate stretching and excessive belt noise. Oil/heat/abrasive resistant backing. Last 60% longer than stock or other aftermarket belts.

Part # Size Description Price
K080635 64 1/4" Fits: 2.70 Upper Pulley And Stock Lower Pulley
K080644 65" Fits: 2.80 Upper Pulley And Stock Lower Pulley
K080644 65" Fits: 2.90 Upper Pulley And Stock Lower Pulley

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