SLP Brake-Control Package D25000 | 2005-2010 Dodge / Chrysler Car

SLP Brake-Control Package

For Your 2005-2010 Charger / Magnum / Challenger / 300C

SLP Brake-Control System

2005-2010 Charger / Magnum / 300C
2008 Challenger


  • Stainless Solenoid Valve
  • Toggle Switch & Cable
  • CNC-bent Steel Lines
  • Fuse & Fuse Assembly
  • Mounting Screws
  • Installation Instructions

What exactly does a Brake-Control package do? Here is how it works: Press the brake pedal an hold the roll control Snap-action switch down. Remove your foot from the pedal, and the solenoid maintains line pressure to the front brakes until switch is released. This makes it easy to heat the rear tires in the burnout box, while minimizing wear and tear on your cars rear brake components. You can also use the system to prevent a manual-transmission car from rolling out of the staging beams at the starting line. Weather you call it a roll control, line lock or roll stop. A Brake-Control package, will keep your vehicle out of the staging lights before your ready to launch.