MET MSI-90D Auxiliary Idler Kit with Double-Bearing Idler Pulley

MET Auxiliary Idler Kit with Double-Bearing Idler Pulley
(Double Bearing Pulley)

2007 & Newer Shelby GT500


  • Auxiliary Idler Bracket
  • All Installation Hardware

The Metco Motorsports auxiliary idler kit for the Shelby GT500 is cleverly engineered to be a simple bolt on and to be the ultimate solution to belt slippage.

The kit consists of a heavy-duty, precision-machined aluminum plate that serves as a bullet-proof mount for the included 90mm double-bearing idler pulley. The plate bolts to existing bolt bosses on the vehicle and locates the pulley just to the left of the supercharger pulley, maximizing belt wrap and eliminating slippage. No modifications to the vehicle are necessary. The ider assembly ships fully assembled, and the required fasteners and illustrated installation instructions.