Overdrive 5.4L Blower Crank Pulley Installation

1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal.

2. Remove the blower drive belt, using a serpentine belt tool or 1/2 inch breaker bar or ratchet.

3. Locate the heater hose wire shield that goes under the power steering pulley, and remove the 15mm nut that retains the shield on the blower pulley cage.

4. Slip the heater hose wire shield off the stud and remove the 15mm nut that holds the cage to the engine. Remove the same nut on the passengers side, and the 14mm bolt on the drivers side, located 8" inches above the heater hose wire shield-pulley cage stud.

5. Remove the two 14mm bolts that hold the transmission bellhousing inspection plate on, and remove the plate.

6. Install a 14mm hex head socket and 1/2 breaker bar or ratchet into the lower pulley center hole.

7. Rotate the the motor clockwise with the breaker bar or ratchet until you can access one of the six torque conveter nuts. Using a 15mm Box-end wrench place it verticly on torque converter bolt. Re-install a 14mm bolt (3 rotations) on the passanger side transmission inspection plate bolt hole. Rotate the the motor clockwise with the breaker bar or ratchet until the 15mm Box-end wrench makes contact with the bolt snug bolt to 15mm Box-end wrench, When properly installed, it should look like this:

8. With the motor locked in place, break the stock pulley loose. The stock pulley is LEFT hand thread. Rotate the the breaker bar or ratchet CLOCKWISE to loosen it. It will require 100+ foot puunds to achieve. Once loose, remove the breaker bar or ratchet, and spin the pulley off the adapter. Once free, you can remove the assembly from the truck.

9. Clean off any debris on the balancer face with a rag. Fit the new Motoblue pulley onto the balancer. The Motoblue pulley is a tight fit, so it may not just slip all the way on. Apply some BLUE Loctite to the three supplied allen bolts, and thread them using a 5/16 hex socket. Tighten them down, a little at a time on each bolt, to "seat" the pulley so as to not damaging it. Once the bolts are snug, torque them to 35-40 ft-lbs.

10. Slip the wire shield back on it's original stud. Re-install the two nuts removed off that stud, as well as the nut removed off the passengers side stud, don't forget to re-install the transmission line bracket. Do not reinstall the top bolt on the drivers side.

11. Remove the 15mm Box-end socket from the transmission bellhousing and re-install the inspection plate and bolts. Failure to remove the 15mm Box-end wrench from the transmission bellhousing will result in engine/transmission damage!

12. Re-install the blower drive belt . New Belt is Required. Click-Here For Belt Size Application. Reconnect the battery, check that you re-installed all parts, and removed all tools. Now your ready for +2 to +10 psi of boost.