FAST-FLASH Power Programmer for your 2007-2013 GM Truck / SUV

FAST-FLASH Power Programmer

for your 2007-2013 GM Truck / SUV

FAST-FLASH Power Programmers give your vehicle a 15 minute tune-up that unlocks hidden performance potential, yielding maximum hp and torque. The process is simple - just plug the programmer into your vehicle’s under-dash ODBII port, and answer a few questions. Select from three distinct modes (performance, towing or economy), and FAST-FLASH automatically reprograms your vehicle’s computer for idle quality and optimized air/fuel ratios. It also re-calibrates the ignition timing, transmission shift points and the speedometer for gear & tire changes. To make the process easy for even the first time user, FAST-FLASH offers three distinct settings to choose from: performance, towing, and economy. As an added bonus for all GM vehicles, The FAST exclusive Cam Tuner menu selects additional programming that optimizes most performance camshafts.

The Performance tune setting is for all out power and acceleration. Adjustments include advancing the engine's ignition timing up to 10% (burning more fuel and air for maximum horsepower), removing power robbing OEM torque management – giving optimum ignition timing and maximum transmission engagement on full throttle gear shifts, and increasing the shift points an additional 4 mph, keeping the engine’s rpm up for the fastest acceleration possible.

The Towing tune setting is for hauling heavy loads. This tune advances the engine's ignition timing up to 10% – especially at lower rpm's when you need all the torque you can get; modifies the OEM torque management settings – to protect your expensive transmission from damage while you tow, and increases your shift points 2 mph to help move that heavy load.

The Economy tune is for those times when you want to maximize your fuel economy. This tune retards engine timing up to 5%, so the engine works less, saves gas, and lets you run less-expensive low octane fuel. Economy tune also extends the time your transmission’s torque converter is locked-up, so you’ll have less fuel economy robbing slippage, and sets shifts points 2 mph sooner, keeping the engine’s rpm lower for more efficient fuel consumption.

FAST-FLASH Power Programmer:

  • Select from performance, towing or economy mode
  • Optimize engine parameters for performance camshafts
  • Modify / remove stock speed limiter setting
  • Calibrate fuel octane level for various fuels
  • Adjust the spark curve for the fine tuning of ignition timing

FAST-FLASH Power Programmer Also Features:

  • Read live streaming engine data
  • Modify air / fuel ratio at wide open throttle
  • Change engine idle speed and cooling fan activation temperature
  • Calibrate speedometer for gear ratio & tire size changes
  • Check and clear diagnostic trouble codes
  • Adjust the transmission shift points & firmness

Cam Tuner Technology

What really makes FAST-FLASH Power Programmers unique is the exclusive Cam Tuner Technology. Unlike conventional programmers that are designed to only work with stock or bolt-on engine modifications, FAST-FLASH allows you to tailor engine tuning to your performance camshaft. Regardless of the FAST-FLASH mode you select (performance, towing or economy) the exclusive Cam Tuner function will automatically optimize all engine parameters to get the most out of your COMP Cams camshaft.

Custom Cam Selection:

  • CAM A
  • CAM B
  • CAM C

Duration @ .50"
(112-114 lobe separation)

  • 200-210
  • 210-220
  • 220-230

While Cam Tuner Technology is compatible with any brand of performance camshaft within the specified duration ranges, the tuning profiles were designed around and proven to perform with COMP Cams.

FAST-FLASH Power Programmer

2007-2013 GM Truck / SUV