Boost Bypass Instructions for your 2003-2004 SVT Cobra

Boost Bypass Instructions


for your 2003-2004 SVT Cobra

We have received thousands of phone call and e-mails asking us if we sold a boost bypass kit. We looked around to find out who was selling boost bypass kits and we were shocked at what we found. There are dealers selling this simple modification for up to $30.00.

While the parts needed for a boost bypass kits can be purchased for their so called boost bypass kit for less than $5.00, many dealers inflate that price just to provide the instructions necessary to install these kits. While we do not sell the kits, we donít think you should pay for basic information that should be part of customer service from you performance dealer.

RPM Outlet will provide the instructions for installation at no charge. This allows you to realize all the benefits of these kits without spending money on what amounts to, paying for words.

Disclaimer: This modification is for off-road use only. This modification may violate U.S. laws and regulations and emission standards.

What is a boost bypass valve?

The bypass valve is integrated in the supercharging system. When low engine power is required, the bypass allows air to enter the engine without passing through the supercharger. The supercharger bypass valve operates in the following manner:

  • Under normal engine operating condition vacuum is supplied to the bypass valve. The valve opens, diverting excess airflow back into the air plenum. This prevents the supercharger from "cavitating."
  • Cavitating causes reduced performance, increased temperature, and poor fuel economy.
  • At high engine demands, vacuum is removed from the bypass valve causing it to close. This directs all airflow from the supercharger to the intake manifold.
  • The supercharger boost (SCB) solenoid is used to control intake manifold vacuum to the vacuum bypass actuator. The PCM transmits an output signal to the SCB solenoid, which activates the solenoid to bypass vacuum when the engine is under maximum boost, reducing the boost pressure by up to 3 PSI.
  • Click-On image for Supercharger airflow diagram.

Purpose of a "Boost Bypass Modification"

The purpose of a "Boost Bypass Modification" is to supply continuous boost from your supercharger when engine is under maximum boost limits set by the factory. When acceleration exceeds factory limits (8 psi).

With our boost bypass modification, you will now be able to keep your boost at the maximum level when under WOT usage. The term "boost bypass" is a bit misleading by all those dealers advertising this kit for a price. Its true name should be, WOT bypass eliminator kit . . . This modification does not effect normal engine operation and is designed for modifying boost bypass at WOT only. (WOT= wide open throttle)


Below are the easy to follow instructions detailing how to maximize your boost performance on your Ford supercharged vehicle. Unlike other companies, RPM will provide these detailed instructions at no cost to you. At RPM Outlet, we do not charge you for knowledge.

Step 1 Boost Bypass Instructions

Step 1. Locate the boost bypass actuator solenoid and the boost actuator. Itís on the driver's side of your supercharger towards the back of the engine.

Step 2 Boost Bypass Instructions

Step 2. The boost bypass actuator solenoid has two vacuum lines and a two wire plug right above the lines. Take the vacuum line connected to the top of the solenoid and unplug it.

Step 2 Boost Bypass Instructions

Step 3. Disconnect the vacuum line (red circle) connected to the boost actuator.

Step 4 Boost Bypass Instructions

Step 4. Take the line from step 2 and plug it into the boost actuator (red arrow).

Step 5 Boost Bypass Instructions

Step 5. Now take the line from step 3 and plug it into the boost by-pass actuator solenoid (red arrow).

Step 6 Boost Bypass Instructions

Finished. That all there is to it! We still canít believe shops are charging for this! This modification is nothing more than bypassing the bypass solenoid. One last thing Ö you can also switch the rubber boots around for a cleaner looking installation.

Congratulations! Now you are able to keep your boost at the maximum level when under WOT usage. Free from RPM Outlet