Innovators West Harmonic Balancers for 2015-2016 C7 Corvette ZO6

Innovators West Harmonic Balancers

For Your 2015-2016 C7 Corvette ZO6

Innovators West 9% Overdrive Harmonic Balancer

2015-2016 C7 Corvette ZO6


  • SFI 18.1 Approved
  • Aluminum Case
  • Stress-Proof Steel Hub
  • Steel Inertia Rings
  • 9% Overdrive
  • Weight: 9.2 lbs
  • Crank Bolt

Why should you install an Innovators West Harmonic Balancer?

Innovators West offers Harmonic Balancers for your 2015-2016 C7 Corvette ZO6, from high performance to all out racing applications. Keep your rotating assembly in one piece and save weight with a Innovators West Harmonic Balancer.

Note: Use of Harmonic Balancer Puller tool is required for factory Harmonic Balancer removal. Installation and removal should take no more than 2 hour to complete.