Diablosport Extreme Powerpuck | 2007-2011 6.7L Dodge Cummins Diesel

Diablosport Extreme Powerpuck

for your 2007-2011 6.7L Dodge Cummins Diesel

What is the DIABLOSPORT EXTREME "POWER PUCK"? DiabloSport applies the latest in digital technology to transfer the performance of the diesel engine to another level, and up to 3 MPG improved fuel economy. The EXTREME PowerPuck remaps the fuel delivery of the diesel injection pump and advances the injection timing curve. The solid design of the EXTREME PowerPuck is CNC-milled out of T-6061 Aluminum, factory spec interlock connectors and a completely sealed wiring harness which provides for superior durability and a state-of-the-art look. Its compact design allows the unit to install easily. Installation is quick and simple, EXTREME PowePuck installs in less than an 10 minutes with no no wires to cut, no seals to be be broken.

Once the EXTREME PwerPuck is installed you will be able to feel the difference. The torque and horsepower gains are felt immediately throughout the entire rpm range. At 1900rpm you will gain up to an extra 100 hp and 200 lbs ft of torque. The significant torque created in the low to medium range helps out in the most critical times such as when passing a vehicle while you're out on the road or while you're pulling a heavy load. When you demand performance, the EXTREME PwerPuck gives you the freedom of changing the power level ON THE FLY **.

The Engineers at DiabloSport are at it again. They have developed the latest and greatest technology for your diesel truck. No truck should be without the Diablosport Extreme PowerPuck. No mater what you use your truck for, towing, work, pleasure, racing, off-roading, or even daily driving the Extreme PowerPuck is perfect for you!

EXTREME PowerPuck installs in nine easy steps and in less than an 10 minutes, no wires to cut, no seals will be broken and no feeding cables through the firewall.

Factory spec interlock connectors and a completely sealed wiring harness.

PowerPuck is designed to put no additional strain on the Diesel injection pump.

0-100 HP Power Level ON THE FLY!:

  • Tow Safe Tune:
    Dial at 50% = 45 HP, 100 FT/LB TQ

  • Extreme Power Tune:
    Dial at 100% = 100 HP, 195 FT/LB of TQ

Diablosport Extreme Powerpuck

2007-2011 Dodge
Cummins 6.7L Diesel

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