MotoBlue 100HP ProPane Injection for your High Performance Diesel
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MotoBlue 100HP ProPane Injection

for your High Performance Diesel

MotoBlue 100HP ProPane Injection

GM 2001+ Diesel
Ford 1994+ Diesel
Dodge 1998+ Cummins


  • 12 Volt DC Solenoid
  • Honeywell Hobbs Pressure Switch
  • N-J LPG Liquid Withdraw
  • High Pressure Regulator
  • Brass Sparge
  • 14 ft of Stainless Braided Hoses
  • Adds 100hp
  • Add 3 to 7 MPG
  • All Installation Hardware

Need a Propane Tank? Click Here

The MotoBlue Propane Injection system is an infinitely variable-stage vapor injection kit, which can use either a vapor or liquid withdrawal propane injection tank. The Vaporizer / Regulator used in this kit is a streamline N-J LPG Liquid withdraw high pressure regulator, which is run off of negative pressure. This negative pressure reluator is a much safer option than positive regulators because the propane will only be released when then engine is on and air is flowing through the intake system. Positive regulators can fail and fill your engine with propane, even when the engine if off, which could lead to catastrophic engine failure. Since the system is regulated by air flow, the more air coming through intake the more propane is released. This allows for the perfect mixture of air and propane at any RPM and prevents over fueling.

The MotoBlue Propane kit is 100hp rated and features brand new UL certified parts. The Solenoid is a 12 volt DC Solenoid, which is also equipped with a filter, so you can either liquid or vapor propane. The pressure switch, is a Honeywell Hobbs pressure switch set for 4 psi and is adjustable to your preference. The kit comes with everything you need for installation (minus tank) and detailed instructions.

FYI: The MOTOBLUE Propane injection kit installs in about four hours and requires no permanent modifications to the engine. (does not include propane tank).