Fluidyne Heat Exchanger for your 1999-2004 Lightning / Harley
Fluidyne Heat Exchanger

Fluidyne Heat Exchanger

for your 1999-2004 Lightning / Harley

Fluidyne Heat Exchangers

1999-2004 Ford Lightning / Harley


  • 100% Aluminum
  • 16 Fins Per Inch Core
  • 5-Row With 1/2 Inch Tubes
  • Furnace Brazed
  • All Installation Hardware
  • 1/2″ NPT Fitting for Drain


  • Width: 25.50 in.
  • Height: 8.02 in.
  • Depth: 3.50 in.

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Don't be deceived by "double pass" named Heat Exchanger and their claims to superiority over FLUIDYNE Racing Products 5-core single pass design. Surface area is king when it comes to cooling capacity, and no other heat exchanger on the market gives you the functional surface as FLUIDYNE Racing Products does. Double pass core designs also force you to relocate hoses due to the inlet and outlet having to be on the same side. FLUIDYNE Racing Products design does not require this modification for easier installation. RPM is proud to now offer the #1 name in Heat Exchangers for the 1999-2004 SVT Lightning and Harley Davidson F-150 Truck.


Unlike Brand A, FLUIDYNE Racing Product pioneered cooling products for the racing industry with the most advanced technology in cooling and cooling accessories. FLUIDYNE Racing Products has visited winner circles in every type of racing from Winston Cup, Busch Grand National and Craftsman Truck Series to the World of Outlaws, Winston West, SCORE, Toyota Atlantic, Modified, Winston Racing Series and Legends Racing Series. FLUIDYNE is registered to ISO9001 and QS-9000 International Standards for quality systems and are committed toward continuous improvement, quality control, and customer satisfaction.

The latest in cooling technology made available by FLUIDYNE Racing Product. FLUIDYNE Heat Exchanger is a replacement for the factory Ford heat exchanger in the 1999-2004 Lightning and 2003-2004 Harley Trucks. The FLUIDYNE Heat Exchanger design is over twice the thickness of the stock unit and has an increased height of 8.02", width of 25.5" and thickness of 3.5". Incorporating a cooler, more stable coolant temperature to the intercooler even when the engine is being pushed to itís limits. This provides more consistent performance on the street and lowers ET times at the strip.

Part# FHP30-LIGHTNING older 3 core design replaced with Part# FHP35-LIGHTNING 5 core design for improved cooling.