M&H Racemaster 18″ Radial Front Runners

M&H Racemaster ROD-12
18″ Radial Front Runners



  • Tread Width: 5.0″
  • Section Width: 6.5″
  • Diameter: 26.0″
  • Circumference: 81.7″
  • Rim Size: 5.0"″


  • Tires are only Sold as Pairs
  • You must put at least 2 in the Quantity Box

† Estimated Specifications

WARNING: M&H Radial Front Runners tires have reduced tread depth and compounds designed for Street & Strip racing. Due to the reduced tread depth these tires should be used on dry pavement only and are not suitable for highway use!

M&H RACEMASTER's legendary race tire technology comes to the street with all-new M&H Radial Front Runners.

Built using the latest in high tech radial construction techniques and years of drag racing experience and compound development, this D.O.T. approved street legal drag radial will get your car down the track in record time and drive you home with sure handling and an excellent ride.

M&H Street & Strip Radial Features:

  • Ultra-Lightweight Design Reduces Rolling Resistance

  • Acceptable For High Speed Use

  • Tubeless Construction

CAUTION: It is not recommended that radial and non-radial tires be mixed on the same vehicle.

Acceptable practice for rim width is tread width plus or minus 1″

DOT Certified, Tubeless, Comparable Race Sizes listed below

Note: Tires are sold only as pairs and must match within 1/2″ of roll out.