MotoBlue 85mm Throttle Body for your 2013-2017 5.7L / 6.4L SRT
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MotoBlue 85mm CNC Ported Throttle Body

For Your 2013-2017 Dodge / Chrysler
5.7L and 6.4L SRT HEMI

MotoBlue 85mm CNC Ported Throttle Body

2013-2017 Chrysler 300
2013-2017 Dodge Challenger / Charger / Ram 1500 / Ram 2500
5.7L & 6.4L SRT HEMI


  • 85mm Throttle Body
  • 10+ RWHP
  • 5-Axis CNC Ported
  • Fully Plug and Play
  • No Tune Required
  • Perfect Driveability
  • Satin Finish
  • Check Local Emission Laws For Street Use

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Your 2013-2017 5.7L and 6.4L SRT HEMI develops amazing horsepower gains from just about any modification done to their intake system. By unbolting the old and bolting in the a new MotoBlue 85mm CNC ported throttle body, users can expect to add 10+ RWHP and a crisper throttle response. The 85mm throttle body is 5-axis CNC ported to increase airflow without sacrificing air speed. These are fully plug and play and require no tuning.


Some 2013 models still use the old 2012 throttle body. Please check and make sure your are order the correct throttle body before ordering.