NGK Ford / GM V-Power Spark Plugs | Stock to High Output Applications
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NGK Ford / GM V-Power Spark Plugs

NGK Tight-gap Copper
Race Plug
Ford-GM Only


  • 10lbs+ Hi-Boost Applications
  • 200HP+ N.O.S. Applications
  • Two Heat Ranges Colder
  • V-Power Spark Plug (Copper)

NGK V-Power Copper
Race Plug
Ford-GM Only


  • 6-10lbs Of Boost Applications
  • 75-175HP N.O.S. Applications
  • One Heat Range Colder
  • V-Power Spark Plug (Copper)

NGK V-Power Copper
Ford-GM Only


  • Good Stock Replacement
  • High Performance
  • Standard Heat Range
  • V-Power Spark Plug (Copper)

NGK V Power Copper Spark Plugs

How much power can I expect from a spark plug change?
A common misconception is that changing spark plugs will sometimes result in large power gains. In most cases, removing even seriously worn out spark plugs, will only result in very modest power gains, typically about 1%-2% of total engine output.

Triple-Gasket Sealing Process
Virtually eliminates the possibility of combustion gas leakage through the shell. Most other manufacturers only use two seals.

Solid-Copper Core
Produces a more powerful spark with less firing voltage. Other manufacturers use a "copper coated" center core.

Forces the spark to the outer edge of the ground electrode, placing it closer to the air/fuel mixture. This allows the spark to more quickly ignite the mixture, providing more complete combustion.

Cold-Rolled Threads
For easier removal and installation.

Corrosion Resistant
Zinc Chromate Coating Double-dipped for maximum protection. An NGK exclusive.

Alumina Silicate Insulator
Is virtually pure to insure dielectric and physical strength, as well as heat transfer away from the tip for maximum performance.

Corrugated Ribs
Eliminate "flashover", which can cause misfiring and engine damage, especially in damp environments.

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