MotoBlue Oil Separator | 1999-2004 SVT Lightning / Harley Davidson

MotoBlue A BETTER “Oil Separator” Kit

for your 1999-2004 SVT Lightning / Harley Davidson

After observing the "novel" ideas that the competition was offering, the engineers at MOTOBLUE™ looked into several of the oil separators available on the market and decided that it was time to release their own unique version. It is hard to believe, but some manufacturers actually use a air compressor water separator. This air compressor water separator traps the oil in a clear plastic reservoir, for all to see upon opening the hood, Also you need to "maintain" it over time!

MotoBlue A BETTER “Oil Separator” Kit

This has more than one issue, here are the most obvious:

First you can see the "oil filled" clear plastic water separator attached to the firewall or fender well of your truck...

Second this was not an easy "Maintenance Free" option, being it needs to be emptied on a regular basis... Need we say more?

Whether under boost or during normal driving, your vacuum lines on the drivers/passenger side valve covers pull oil into the supercharger plenum through the PCV valve and the emissions oil vapor tube. The oil then collects in the upper plenum and on the intercooler. In some cases it will even leak out the front of the throttle body and into the air filter inlet.

The actual purpose of the MOTOBLUE oil separator kit on a supercharged vehicle is simple, it is a Maintenance Free, Attactive, OE quality tested "better oil separator". Installation is simple, does not require any special tools and can be accomplished in less than 10 minutes!


1999-2004 Ford
SVT Lightning /
Harley Davidson


  • Passenger Side
  • Keeps Intercooler Clean
  • Maintenance Free
  • Direct OE Replacement
  • All Weather Performance
  • Installation Hardware