Custom Tuning for your High Performance Vehicle

Custom Tuning

We offer custom tuning for most GM, Dodge and Ford GAS vehicles with SCT. Please send your build list for pricing.

To the right is a custom tune sheet that should be filled out after you have completed your order.

Custom Tune Sheet

Custom Tuning 101

Custom Tuning is needed whenever you add certain aftermarket products. SCT Standard default tunes are designed for stock/mildly modified vehicles only. We understands that not every vehicle is identical and that some vehicles with certain modifications require special attention. The SCT is set up to work with stock to mildly modified vehicles. Custom tuning is required for applications that exceed this. We can make the tune for your specific application. eliminating a costly dyno tuning session from getting your vehicle back on the road.


We can not be held liable for injuries, engine failure, drive line component damage, mechanical failure or anything here- from use of this service. Any modification to the tune file by the consumer is highly unadvised and will not be covered by replacement or update of the tune file by any means. Custom tune files created and designed for off-road use only. The consumer will hold full responsibility for the correct installation and use of these tune files on there vehicle.

The consumer will hold full responsibility for making sure the vehicle is ready to be tuned.