MotoBlue GEN X Underdrive Pulley for your 2003-2008 Dodge Ram & Durango

MotoBlue GEN X Underdrive Pulley

for your 2003-2008 Dodge Ram & Durango

What's an underdrive pulley?

An underdrive pulley is a replacement pulley that bolts up the same as stock, but has a different size (ratio) and material specifications intended to free up lost horsepower. By increasing the diameter of each accessory pulley and decreasing the size of the crank pulley, the speed at which the accessories are turning relative to engine RPM decreases.

Under drive pulleys do not add power to the engine, they free up the power that is normally wasted on overdriven accessories. The theory is that a larger pulley will drive the accessories slower thus reducing their parasitic horsepower loss. No more power total, but more power sent to the wheels. As an additional benefit, the reduction in wear (less usage) on the accessories due to the lower duty cycles can extend the life of these parts.

MotoBlue GEN X Underdrive Pulley 2003-2008 Dodge Ram & Durango

For example, the alternator, power steering, water pump and air compressor rob horsepower from the engine. By replacing factory-sized crank balancer/pulley and water pump drive pulley with a resized pulleys, the accessories are slowed, resulting in more horsepower available to the drive wheels.

MOTOBLUE H.O. Series pulleys will increase horsepower up to 12 RWHP, and increase mileage by 1 to 2 MPG. MOTOBLUE H.O Pulleys are manufactured from billet steel, exceeding factory quality and are the only Pulley system available on the market today that are SFI approved for all racing applications.

Note: The kit includes a 20% Underdrive Pulley only and requires a new balancer bolt.

Tech Note: Does not cause false knock retard or erratic power-curve dips and needs a new balancer bolt. The use of a Harmonic Balancer Puller tool required for factory Harmonic Balancer removal.

MotoBlue GEN X Underdrive Pulley

Fits 2003-2008 Dodge
Ram & Durango


  • 20% Underdrive Pulley
  • 7 Rib Crank Pulley
  • 12 RWHP
  • 19 RWTQ
  • Drive Belt: K060988
MTB 602335
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Representative Image

Correct Length Belt for Above Pulley

Fits 2003-2008 Dodge
Ram & Durango


  • Gates Brand
  • Kevlar Belt
  • 3 Year Warranty