Meziere Water Pump Instruction | 1999-2004 Lightning / Harley

Meziere Water Pump Instruction

In The Box:

  • 1-PUMP
  • 4-8 mm. X 25mm. S.S Socket Head Bolts
  • 4- S.S. AN Washers
  • 1- Wiring Harness w/20 AMP Fuse
  • Contingency Stickers

To Do The Job:

  • 8mm,10mm 14mm, 3/8 Drive Sockets, Ratchet
  • 6mm. Hex Wrench
  • 6mm Box End Wrench
  • Light Grease / Petroleum ( Aviation)
  • Wire Crimper / Stripers

Optional Install Kit:

  • 30 AMP relay w/ diode
  • Wiring Harness w/20 AMP Fuse
  • 1-18-22ga. Male Spade Terminal
  • 1-10-12ga. Ring Terminal
  • 1-14-16ga Ring Terminal
  • 1-14-16ga. Butt Splice


( If the engine is hot you can do the bulk of the wiring to give it a chance to cool down. )

  1. Drain coolant. ( when the engine has cooled)
  2. Loosen the 4 – bolts on the water pump pulley.
  3. Use ratchet ( late model tensioner) or pry bar ( early model tensioner) to release the belt tension and remove the drive belt from the water pump pulley.
  4. Remove the 4- drive flang bolts and water pump pulley.
  5. Clean the face and bore of the water pump mating area.


  1. Clean the face and bore of the water pump mating area.
  2. Grease the 0-ring
  3. Align the water pump with the bolt pattern in the block and push pump into place. ( when the engine has cooled)
  4. Start the 4-S.S. mounting bolts supplied, then run the bolts in evenly by with the ball end of the Hex wrench.
  5. use the 6mm. Box end wrench slipped over the hex wrench to provide the necessary leverage to tighten bolts.
  6. Route the wires under the alternator.
  7. Reinstall the drive belt.
  8. Check clearance between tensioner and idler pulley, a shorter blet may be necessary on some applications or when used in conjunction with aftermarket pulleys).
  9. Refill cooling system.


(Optional wiring relay kit available)

  1. Disconnect the ground lead from the battery post.
  2. Mount the relay to the alternator bracket.
  3. Plug in the wiring harness.
  4. Route the orange 12ga. Wire with 20 amp fuse to the alternator output post and cut and strip the desired length.
  5. Crimp 14-16ga. Ring Term. To orange wire and connect to alternator out post.
  6. Route the water pump ground lead ( black wire) and the relay ground lead.
  7. (85) to the alternator mounting bolt or another suitable ground.
  8. Stripe 5/8 to ¾ in. of wire, twist together, crimp wire into 10-12ga. Ring term. And trim if necessary.
  9. Route the output lead on the harness (blue wire, 87 on relay ). Cut to desired length, slip the heat shrink tubing over the connection.
  10. Use the heat gun to shrink the tubing over the connection.
  11. Disconnect the factory wiring harness ( located on the passenger side of the firewall) and locate pin number 9 on the plug, indicated on the outside of the plug.
  12. Install the T-Tap on the wire indicated.
  13. Reconnect factory harness.
  14. Route the ignition on sense wire from the relay to the T-Tap and cut and strip at desired length.
  15. Crimp 18-22ga. Male Spade Term. To wire, fit heat shrink tubbing and connect to T-Tap.
  16. When all the installation is completed, reconnect the ground lead battery.
  17. ( with the window down so you don’t lock yourself out) Turn the key to ON and you should hear the faint hum of your new electric water pump.

To Avoid Motor Failure:

  • Use the supplied 20 AMP fuse or your own fuse/circuit breaker. WARNING: NOT USING A FUSE CIRCUIT CAN VOID YOUR WARRANTY


  • Fill the cooling system. ( Use an antifreeze and water mix or a cooling system corrosion inhibitor/seal conditioner) Replace cap and turn on pump. Remove cap and top off coolant. Recheck COLD after one heat cycle.

Beauty Tip:

  • Your pump comes to you polished with Cleaner Wax. An occasional waxing will allow dirt or debris to be wiped right off the pump and also offer some protection from UV light ( the anodized color on your pump can fade from prolonged exposure to sunlight.) Thank you for purchasing this product. Feel free to contact us if we can be of further assistance and enjoy your pump for a long, long time. WARNING: NOT USING A FUSE CIRCUIT CAN VOID YOUR WARRANTY.