Sniper Commando Software w/ Special Forces & Sniper Interface
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Sniper Commando Software

w/ Special Forces & Sniper Interface

(Programs 2 Vehicles At No Extra Cost)

RPM is proud to announce the addition of SNIPER Inc. Special Forces Software for your Ford Gas and Ford Diesel Applications. Request Custom Tune information at:

Sniper Commando Software w/ Special Forces & Sniper Interface

1998-2011 Ford Gas Vehicle


  • Commando Tuning Software
  • Special Forces Software
  • Sniper Interface
  • Interface Flash Box
  • OBD-II Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • Customer Requirements: IBM Based PC (Laptop Or Desktop) With Windows XP
  • Not Legal For Sale Or Use In California

Fully Programmable Software:

  • Allows end user control the settings right down to the smallest detail.

  • Gives you complete freedom to program your vehicle the exact way you want it.

Sniper Commando Software Template with Bullet Package

(This Is For Purchase Of Additional Templates For Previously Purchased Commando Software)


  • Adds An Additional Tuning Template
  • Bullet License Allows You To Tune An Additional Vehicle

How Do I Receive My Software Upgrade?

  • After we receive your payment we will send a Purchase Order to Sniper Tuning.
  • You simply need to call Sniper Tech support and identify yourself and reference your purchase of the Template and Bullet from Performance Parts Depot and your order number.
  • They will then have you produce a hardware fingerprint from your interface and provide you a new hardware key with Template based on your computer HEX code.
  • Sniper Tech Support can be reached Monday through Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm EST at 407-321-5725.

Tune your car or truck like the Pro's with Sniper Tuning Commando Software! The ultimate in tuning software is now available. When compromise isn't an option, the Sniper Commando tuning software brings you complete control over the factory ecm like no other tuning software on the market. The Commando is currently available for Ford Gas and Diesel applications.

Note: If you are a current owner of Special Forces Software the Commando can be added with hex specific templates for your vehicle.

It does not get any better then this, the ultimate in tuning with the Commando software. Commando tuning software brings you complete control like no other tuning software. The Commando comes with 2 bullets so you can tune 2 vehicles. Along with the Commando software you get Special Forces software as well. You can build a base tune with the questions wizard and tweak the numbers with Commando to your liking. Additional Bullets (1 bullet covers one vehicle) can be purchased to flash more vehicles.

Commando tuning packages include the Special Forces tuning software. This state-of-the-art software allows you to create extremely impressive starter or base performance files in just a few minutes. Just simply answer some questions and you'll have a performance file in minutes.

Commando tuning software allow you to view multiple files at the same time. This allows you to compare files and locate the changes. For example: You can load a stock file and a performance file and see the difference between the two files. In addition to viewing the differences, you will also see the before / after values so you know how much a specific area has been changed.

Unlike other tuning software, the Commando tuning software allow you to edit/create performance files with actual real world numbers (example: displays actual air/fuel ratio instead of Lambda). This prevents you from wasting time trying to figure out conversions.

The Commando tuning software allows you to create performance files in different ways. You can view as a spreadsheet and type or copy / paste into the Scalars, Functions / Tables. You can view as a 2-D or 3-D graph and drag the values with your pc's mouse. Best of all any tune created by Commando tuning software is fully compatible with any other Sniper, Inc. products which include the plug-in chip, Interface and I-2 programmer.

Does your car/truck have a tune installed or has been tuned with a brand X programmer? Not a problem, just load the Sniper Interface, read the tuned file from your vehicles ECU with the Commando software and load that file into the Commando. You can view the changes. From there, you can adjust modify or create the file as you choose. You no longer are held ransom with brand X custom tune.