TCI Trans. Valve Body Improver Kit | 1999-2004 Lightning / Harley

TCI Transmission Valve Body Improver Kit

for your 1999-2004 Lightning / Harley

Here is another first from RPM Outlet. With all the power that we have developed for our performance packages, we decided to add the TCI transmission valve body improver kit.

What will the TCI transmission valve body improver kit do for you?

The TCI Valve Body Improver Kit for E4OD / 4R100 Ford transmissions incorporates a metal replacement converter drain back. This component replaces the problematic OE valve, which can cut off lubrication to the overdrive planetaries if it fails. In addition to correcting a number of common internal high performance problems, the new TCIŽ E4OD/4R100 Valve Body Improver Kit greatly improves shift quality and overall transmission life.

Will it eliminate converter shudder?

You bet,kit eliminates converter shudder while reducing wear and heat. OE transmissions are a compromise at best, delivering only adequate performance for the masses. Performance enthusiasts can effectively upgrade their Ford E4OD / 4R100 transmissions with the installation of TCI's new Valve Body Improver Kit. Complete with everything you need, along with detailed instructions, the TCI Valve Body Improver Kit reduces internal transmission slippage and solves internal lubrication problems. With more positive converter clutch engagement, converter shudder is removed, increasing durability.

TCI Transmission Valve Body Improver Kit

Fits 1999-2004 Ford
Lightning / Harley
E4OD / 4R100 Trans.


  • Greatly Improves Shift
  • Removes Converter Shudder
  • Increasing Durability
  • Reduces Transmission Slippage
  • Incorporates Converter Drain Back
  • Replacing Problematic OE Components
  • Fixes Internal Performance Problems
  • Installation Hardware