ZEX 82065 Dual Stage EFI Universal Wet Nitrous System

ZEX Dual Stage EFI Universal Wet Nitrous System
(Wet Nitrous System)



  • Complete wet nitrous system
  • Adjustable from 100-250 HP w/ supplied tuning jets
  • Multiple fuel tap fittings included
  • Detailed instructions
  • Two separate power stages

The ZEX Dual Stage EFI Nitrous System is more effective than a typical single stage system because it gradually adds the nitrous power in two separately controlled stages, instead of as one big "hit", to give you a faster quarter mile ET. The first nitrous stage is activated automatically when you go to wide open throttle via the TPS-mounted switch. The second stage activates when you press an additional activation push-button. It also includes jets for adding an extra 50-300 horsepower and is a complete kit, right down to the wire ties.